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Our best seller Medicine for - COLD, COUGH & FLU : 

SUKHMANI Cold-1 & Cold- 2

HEIGHT: These cases are mainly from hormonal imbalance which is generally from excessive acid, disarrangements of stomach, constipation etc. Clinic special Homeopathic formula gently tones up all vital organ specially liver to restore normal hormones resulting into height increase up to the age of 20 (up to 25 in some cases), total formula is for 3 to 4 months and the cost of medicine is just $300 to $400.

HAIR LOSS: Hair Loss is because of unhealthy skin, abnormal hormones or excessive dryness of skin. Sukhmani Clinic hair formula is such effective on hairs that new hairs start coming within 1 to 2 month. Total formula is for 3 to 6 months.

HIGH/LOW BP.: Blood pressure is permanently treated with Homeopathy in only 2-6 weeks. The treatment of blood pressure is different for every patient depending on the symptoms.

STERILITY: In women its because of excessive acid in uterus, hormonal imbalance and poly cyst ovaries causing difficulty in conceiving. Clinical formula for sterility is time proved medicine and gives very good results. This medicine for 2 to 3 months.

JOINT PAINS: Arthritis or stiffness or any kind of joint pain is permanently cured within 1 to 4 months.

MIGRAINE: is a common problem nowadays because of stressful life, insufficient sleep, variable work schedule and overload of work. Sukhmani clinic has permanent cure.

ECZEMA: At Sukhmani clinic you can get rid of eczema in two to four months.

LEUCODERMA: Is permanently treated by our special Homeopathic formula in 3-6 months.

PSORIASIS: It is very deep skin infection and hard to treat. We can treat it in 3-8 months.

AUTISM: Autism is a complex neurological disorder. It is a condition which effects childrens development; it has to be present before the age of three and affects four times as many boys as girls.

Homeopathic treatment for children with autism, ADD, ADHD and other behavioral disorders is very much possible and this has been confirmed by University of Toronto . Many may never learn to speak and may never be independent. Individuals suffering from this disorder may be disruptive, unpredictable and aggressive towards others. Their lives and those around them that care for them can be extremely stressful.

The three major difficulties that children may suffer from are:
1. Social skills ? example making friends, getting along with people etc.
2. Communication ? explaining how they feel, facial expressions and gestures.
3. Imagination ? understanding that other people have feelings and thoughts.

The areas of difficulties vary from individual to individual. Many children may react to sound, sight, smell touch and taste differently.

Study shows, that regardless of the information available on this top, research is still continued to find any sort of therapeutic role in this treatment, but has had no previous luck to come up any options available. Now we might wonder why? Well reason being because every patient suffering from autism demonstrates significantly different mental and physical symptoms and they are completely different from each other. In other modes/methods of treatment they bring all the patients on one platform and treat them with similar medicines, as oppose to taking the time to study one individual on their levels.

On contrary, Homeopathy may play an effective therapeutic role in autism treatment, but more if treatment started in early ages. Treatment is strictly based on individualism, which means separating one patient from another on the basis of their mental and all the physical totality of symptoms. On the above basis, when the medicine is prescribed, it always produces positive results and the patient may starts improving in few weeks.


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